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Welcome to Aham Group of Companies

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Aham Global Infotech Pvt.Ltd. has always been a creative thinker and has pioneered industry trends. It has a highly skilled and talented Business operation team. Having demonstrated experience in IT enable services, this brand offers a holistic next generation business services to clients.

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Group integration and parent company support depth of business knowledge and experience,
diverse and flexible services, quality assurance, paperless environment.


We believe that an idea which is not dynamic and worthwhile lacks the quality of being called a
‘business idea ‘at all.

Our Mission

Aham Group of companies is to address challenges around quality services, affordability and
effectiveness for our clients.


We envision to be a globally recognized Business solutions company that nurtures businesses & advances.

Our   organisations   mantra

  • Our Distinctive approach

  • Quality policies

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Our 1 lakhs satisfied customers

  • 5 years of trust

our services

IT Enable Services

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Immigration Services

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Business Consultant

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Aham English Academy

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Employement Services & Career Guides

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