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Thinking of Immigrating to Canada? Well, there are hundreds of law firms out there that can help you out with the Immigration process. So, why should you retain KAN Immigration and services of Mani kandanand his team? Aham operates immigration processes in the name of aham group of companies with its head office at Hyderabad.
Below are some of the unique advantages you get when you retain us for processing your Immigration application to Canada

Throughout the immigration processing application process, you can consult on the status and progress of your application any number of times. This is particularly important as sometimes the laws change and you need to know how that has impacted the already submitted application and if any additional documents may need to be submitted.

Full disclosure of fees upfront as per retainer agreement with the refund clause: FG group Immigration Services, we believe in complete transparency. There will be no hidden charges or any new fees during the process which has already not been mentioned earlier at the time of taking up the application of the candidate. The total fees will be discussed and explained to the candidate upfront so that he/she can budget for that once and for all.

If you don’t qualify, we won’t accept your case and let you know what is needed to be done before we accept and represent your case: We don’t want your money if you don’t qualify for Immigration. Based on the initial information that you submit in the FREE online assessment form and the subsequent discussions, if we find that you fall short of points and will not qualify under any category, we will not take your money or your case forward. However, we will indeed point out some remedies as to what you may need to change your profile/qualifications/etc. in order to increase your chances and apply again.

Higher chances of acceptance through perfect application and supporting documents: We will prove your work experience by law to the Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism and the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada which is often ignored/overlooked by someone who is not familiar with particular sections of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations. We will communicate with CIC and answer all the issues, concerns and queries promptly on your behalf. Data don’t lie. People who use Immigration Consultants who are regulated by ICCRC have higher chances of selection.

Our Responsibilities

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Australia PR

Under the Permanent entry visa stream, immigrants can seek Permanent Residency under Skilled or Economic migration, Family migration and the Refugee or Humanitarian program.

An immigrant who gets a PR under these programs is virtually eligible for almost all of the social security benefits enjoyed by an Australian Citizen. Permanent Residents in Australia can avail of the following benefits

  • Australia PR visa holders can live & work in Australia, without restriction.
  • Take up employment & work for any company.
  • One Australia PR visa category is sufficient for entire family- no additional family visas required.
  • Children get free education in reputed public schools of Australia.
  • Medicare sponsors all healthcare expenses for Australia PR visa holder & his family
  • Australia PR visa holders can easily become Australian citizens in futur

In order to be eligible for a skilled migration visa, you must have an occupation that is on a particular list of skilled occupations, and you must satisfy the Skilled Migration Points Test for the occupation. The minimum pass mark across all occupations is 60 points, with points awarded based on factors such as your:

  • Age
  • English language ability
  • Qualifications
  • Employment experience
  • Partner’s skills.

If you do not have enough points to meet the pass mark for your occupation, you can obtain extra points if you are eligible to be nominated by a State or Territory Government.

Australian Immigration process is called Skill Select and involves the following stages to obtain Australian PR successfully.

  • 1. Skill Select
  • 2. Skill Assessment
  • 3. Expression of Interest
  • 4. Invitation to Apply
  • 5. Immigration Application
  • 6. Medical Examination
  • 7. Police Clearance

The total processing time could be between 6 months to 18 months depending on the occupation and stream.

Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate

Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate (Subclass 476) is a temporary visa where the recent graduates of authorized engineering universities get to attain skilled work experience of 18 months in certain professions that are in demand in Australia.

Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate Temporary Visa permits you and your dependent family members to reside in Australia for a maximum period of 18 months and also permits you to travel in and out, engage in work activities, get enrolled in advanced professional studies, and also lets you to pursue higher studies to gain proficiency in English language.

Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate Temporary Visa-Eligibility criteria

The following are the certain requirements which the applicant must fulfill in order to get the visa

  • 1. The Age of the applicant must be below 31 years
  • 2. Must have completed an award in a valid discipline at an recognized institution within past 24 months
  • 3. Must not hold a Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate visa (subclass 476) or a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485)
  • 4. Must achieve the level of at least competent English
  • 5. Satisfy health and character requirements

Your two-year course of studies must award you with any one of the following degrees in engineering:

  • Bachelors’ degree
  • Masters degree
  • Doctoral degree
  • Postgraduate diploma

You must be specialized in any one of the following streams:

  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical and electronics engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mining and material engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Mechanical, production and plant engineering

Recognized Universities for Australia Skilled Recognized Graduate Temporary Visa – India

  • 1. Anna University – Chennai
  • 2. Baranas Hindu University – Varanasi
  • 3. Indian Institute of Science – Bangalore/li>
  • 4. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • 5. Indian School of Mines – Dhanbad

The total processing time could be between 2 months to 3 months depending on the occupation and stream.