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Mr. Manikandan Nagarajan started as an ITES Provider and Overseas Immigration Consultant in 2014 with the idea of helping business holders to establish their Digital Presence and Customer Service platforms. Soon in 2015, he ventured to help students and immigrants to move abroad for studies and settlement, through his world-class immigration knowledge expertise. In the latter part of the last decade, Aham Group of Companies has ventured into multiple businesses to meet the rapidly changing needs of companies across the globe.

Our highly skilled and talented management team makes Aham Group of Companies a leading company that provides holistic next-generation business and immigration services to its customers.

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A committed and dedicated team force motivated to make a difference.

from the manchester of south india

Coimbatore is called the Manchester of South India due to its extensive foundry, automobile industries, manufacturing of textile, industry equipment, motor pumps and varied engineering goods and services. In 2010, Coimbatore ranked 15th in the list of most competitive Indian cities.
In 2014, Mr. Manikandan Nagarajan started as a part-time job and ITES provider in this bustling city -Coimbatore with the idea of helping students move abroad for studies and provide them with world-class immigration service and support. In the recent past the economy of Coimbatore is heavily influenced by Information Technology. Soon this new boom paved the way for Aham Group of Companies to venture into ITES and multiple other businesses to meet the rapidly changing economy both locally and globally.


To be a valued partner for our customers and offer top-notch service.


Aham Group of companies addresses challenges around quality services, affordability, and effectiveness for our clients.


We believe that an idea that is not dynamic and worthwhile lacks the quality of being called a business idea.




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161-162, Rasi Building, 2nd floor
Ponnayarajapuram Street
Gandhi Park Coimbatore
Tamil Nadu, India – 641001


0422 435 6719

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