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Aham Global Business Solutions provides professional consulting in the areas such as security (electronic and physical), management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing (and public relations), finance, engineering, science.

Aham also helps organizations improve revenue by identifying business problems, finding the root cause, and providing solutions. We also design the best process model that meets the Six Sigma Quality Environment (DFSS) for the new business.

Identifying the issue at the right time is most important for any business growth. Though you attract the right talent to work for your business, he/she may not understand the core problem existing within the realm of your operation. So, the business owners need to assess the potential of a new partnership and check how fruitful will be the new associate for your business.

Aham Business Solutions provides a new generation of customer-led business process redesign and integrated into the overall fabric of a new operating model. And our Information Technology expertise serves as a catalyst and critical enabler, which provides a radical change in your Business Processes.

Aham Business Solutions BPR is a structured effort towards a paradigm shift in a business process. The process redesign will be carried out to meet the rapidly changing requirements in this business environment with insights into contemporary practices and their current effect.

Every business has pain points. You may only see a fraction of the actual situation, and that portion that you don’t recognize may put a damper on your success. You can combat this challenge by analyzing the limitations you want to overcome and the opportunities you want to explore to address them most effectively. Before embarking on market research, identifying the key factors that affect your organization most will help provide insight into potential focus areas.

To determine a starting point and develop an effective research strategy, you must be crystal clear on where you are now and where exactly you want to go. Without a clear set of goals, it is difficult to derive actionable steps toward success. So, you need to develop a research strategy around your goals and give you more direction for the entire research process. While this may seem like a no-brainer, getting caught up in the evaluation and analysis is easier than you think without keeping a clear view of your end objectives.

Every business entrepreneur aims to achieve their business objectives by implementing all possible ways and third-party assistance. Keeping that in mind, we offer a customized customer acquisition service comprising extraordinary outbound sales, inbound sales, cross-sell and up-sell, automated customer acquisition. Our customer acquisition services are designed to be of low cost to you and aid you in achieving stable growth and increasing your savings.

Invensis is a reputed leader in empowering numerous global businesses and organizations through high-quality back office BPO services that promote enhanced business efficiency and improved bottom-line. To provide a complete BPO solution on a single platform and at a competitive rate, we at Positek Solutions stand to offer excellent back office support. Our clients get comprehensive support, including data capture, entry, validation, forms processing, document management order management, logistics, and many other solutions. Large volumes of data accrue daily from various transactional processes such as order fulfillment, applications

Email Support is one of the most frequently utilized and is considered a mission-critical service offering. Many view it as more convenient than phone support, although not as timely. Our technical support includes technical help desk, product/service installation, usage support and maintenance, troubleshooting, data creation management, online transaction, payment processing, connectivity issue, and hardware and software quarries. One of the significant benefits of Email Support is the ongoing communication thread, so the same teammate is not required to answer multiple email communications and improves agent efficiency.

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