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Aham Academy offers comprehensive classroom training for the GRE Test. The courses have been designed and prepared by leading educational experts. We aim to provide the best possible assistance so that you can get competitive GRE scores, which is a critical part of the graduate school admissions process.

We offer intensive classes for the new format for GRE at our center. The GRE classes include training for GRE Quant, GRE verbal and GRE AWA of the GRE General Test. Students will be provided with course material. The GRE Preparation Course is designed to give you the extra edge for getting a high score in the GRE test. The program includes Practice Tests that can be scheduled at a time of your convenience outside the class timings.

The GRE Exam is actually a Graduate Record Exam. The Education Testing Service (ETS) directs The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) on behalf of the Graduate Record Examinations Board and the Council of Graduate Schools. The GRE Exam is a multiple-choice test. The GRE Exam scores have to be submitted by students aspiring for admission in international graduate school for Graduate program. Apart from the general GRE Exam there are about 12 GRE subject Tests offered by the program to help determine a student’s success in specific fields. In addition to this the GRE program also offers a variety of services and publications to help students transfer to their respective graduate program.

Versions of GRE Exams

  1.  GRE Exam – General
  2.  GRE Exam – Subject
  3. The GRE Exam – General consists of three parts
  4. GRE verbal
  5.  GRE Math
  6.  GRE Essay

Both the GRE verbal and GRE math test in the GRE Exam each yield a score between 200-800 points. Scores on the GRE analytical writing test are measured on a scale of 0 to 6. Since only some of the graduate programs require the scores of The GRE Exam – Subject, students availing such courses need only appear for it. The score on the GRE Subject test too ranges between 200 to 800 points. For details on the schools that need theGRE score and the minimum score that is required for admission can be found in the book, Graduate Study in Psychology,

GRE Exam – General Exam

The General GRE Exam consists of 3 sections, the

  1.  Verbal
  2.  Quantitative
  3.  Analytical writing sections
  4. The Analytical writing section is the latest addition. There are two versions of GRE Exam
  5.  Paper Based GRE Exam
  6.  Computer Based GRE Exam

The student is given the choice of taking the GRE Exam on paper or on the computer. This section helps to determine the students’ writing and analyzing skills. There are two parts in this section that need to be answered by the student. The first part has to be finished in a 45 minute time limit. The student has to write an essay on the issue of a given topic. The second part deals with analysis of an argument and needs to be completed within 30 minutes. Of the 3 sections the writing test is the first to be taken.

Examples Topics of the Analytical Section 

  1. The student is allowed to take the GRE Exam only once in a month and a total of 5 times in one year period.
  2. The unofficial GRE scores of the tests are available to the student as soon as the GRE Exam is completed.
  3. The official GRE scores are sent to the student and to the institutions to which the student would be applying within 10 to 15 days after the GRE Exam.
  4. The student can register for the GRE Exam online in the www.gre.org web site or by calling the 800 number given in the Information and Registration Bulletin.

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