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Slovenia Woek Permit

In order to acquire a long-term work permit, one should submit application for the Single residence permit for work and residence in Slovenia, also called The Single Permit. It supports immigration of professionals to Slovenia. Although this is only one of several ways to obtain a work and residence permit, it is one of the most reliable and popular ones. It is also favorable as it provides a fallback in case the applicant’s business endures a setback and/or negative projections.

After applying for The Single Permit, The administrative unit that issues them will automatically begin the process of obtaining consent from the Employment Service of Slovenia. Foreigner or his employer have opportunity to apply for The Single Permit.

In some cases, some workers may apply for a personal work permit. It enables them to freely select employment for a certain period. Candidates should apply for single permit at an administrative unit or the diplomatic or consular office in their residential country.


Other options to obtain a work permit

Employment with labor market control

Those who want to be eligible for this option can open a company in which they have to be a shareholder, but the appointed representative is someone else. To be able to apply for single work and residence permit, the company you plan to work in must previously publish a vacancy. You should submit it at the Employment Office of Slovenia. They will check if there are suitable candidates for this position in their registry. They will do so by the requirements you send to them. The procedure is called labor market control. In a case the Employment office founds Slovenian applicants unsuitable, you can apply for work and residence permission. When you obtain it, you will be employed in your company on a specific job position. In this case, the company does not need to prove active business conduct such as investment, minimum turnover, or employing EU or Slovenian citizen.

European Union Blue Card

Those who wish to reside and work in Slovenia can also apply for a European Union Blue Card. In this case, you should be employed as an expert with work experience. Diploma or any other educational certificate must be verified by the Slovenian Ministry of Education. After getting a response from the Employment office that there are no other suitable candidates that are Slovenian citizens for the job position, you can apply for an EU Blue Card. European Blue Card is valid for two years. Unlike other residence and work permits the EU Blue Card gives the right to immediate family reunification.

Required documents

  1. confirmation of registration from the qualified authority, which must not be issued earlier than 3 months or an extract from the Slovenian Business Register for sole traders,
  2. Sample agreement on the arrangement of the services with the user,
  3. Projection of financial operations for minimum 2 years, including the explanation of items,
  4. Calculation and structure of the price of the service by single elements in pursuance with the regulations stating the methodology for setting the price of social aid services,
  5. Opinion of the Social Chamber,
  6. Certificate of passing professional examination and confirmation of professional experience of the professional manager,
  7. Proof that the holder of the activity is not in an employment relationship with another employer,
  8. Proof confirming that the holder of the activity or the head of the services has not been banned from practising the profession or that the legal entity has not been banned from pursuing the activity with a final court decision,
  9. Evidence of fulfillment of minimum technical conditions for the provision of the service, and at least the project for the gaining of the building permit and operating permit pursuant to the Construction Act, equipment project,
  10. Last yearly report which must involve audited last financial statements even if the applicant is not liable for auditing,
  11. Auditor’s report on financial statements referred to in the last indent, including the opinion of a certified auditor,
  12. Information on possible mortgages and other real rights on these facilities or accommodations.

Types of Work Visas in Slovenia

The Slovenian government issues a variety of different visas to foreign nationals based on the purpose of their planned visit to Slovenia. The categories of visas issued in Slovenia include:

  1. Business visas
  2. Visas for medical purposes
  3. Visas for members of official delegations
  4. Tourist visas
  5. Visas for study, research, or training
  6. Airport transit visas
  7. Visas for spouses of Slovenian citizens

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