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Aham Overseas Career Service has many partners, employment agencies, which help Croatian employers and foreign employees to find each other. On the one hand, they are doing a great job searching for reliable, proven companies that need employees. Select only those employers who offer a decent salary, and provide official registration based on a Croatia work permit visa. On the other hand, the Croatia work permit agency is looking for motivated candidates who meet the criteria of the employer and are set up for long-term official employment in Croatia.

In turn, we also carefully select a trusted Croatia work permit agency that has a good reputation, employs candidates only for official work. We only publish offers from recruitment agencies that have been pre-tested. You can be sure that these vacancies are fully consistent with the description that the representatives of the agency will issue all the necessary documents for obtaining a working residence permit and official employment of the candidate to the employer.

Best Work Visa Agent For Croatia

Since its inception, the popular online series Game of Thrones has drawn fans from all around the globe. Croatians are 3kind and warm. Another reason why individuals enjoy working in Croatia is the casual work environment and excellent living standards.  Getting a job and working in Croatia is one of the grounds to get a residence visa in Europe (as in Latvia). Working in Croatia also entitles you to all the perks of living in the EU, such as visa-free travel inside the Schengen zone, the ability to work and conduct business in other EU member states, and more (with some exceptions).

  •   Vacancies : Currently, Croatia has about 18 767 job openings. That’s 1.6% of all jobs in the nation, occupied or not.
  •   Wages and costs : Croatia’s minimum pay is 505.9 EUR while the average wage is 1183 EUR.
  • In Croatia, a single individual spends an average of EUR 591 each month.

    Because Croatia has a quota system for employment and residence permits, applicants will only be granted Croatia work permit visa, if the nation falls below its quota. Rarely does the nation provide licences after the maximum has been reached. However, the candidate must offer additional information or explain why a position cannot be filled locally.

    All candidates must know the following Croatia work visa requirements:

    •   A passport photocopy
    •   A passport picture
    •   Proof of their independence in Croatia
    •   Proof of insurance
    •   A job contract
    •   Academic credentials and skills proof
    •   Registration proof for their firm


    When it comes to work permit Croatia , VISA FIRMS is the best Croatia work permit consultants listing platform you can rely on. You can trust our expertise and our in dept research that we do, when finding to the best Croatia work permit agency. Please get in touch with one of the below listed best work permit Croatia consultants right away to learn more about how they can assist you with your growth.

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