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DUOLINGO English Test is gaining popularity in recent days with more than 300 million plus users now.

Many institutions use the Duolingo English Test as an alternative to other standardised proficiency tests. The scores are highly correlated to those of the TOEFL and IELTS, and results are available within 48 hours.

The DUOLINGO English Test(DET) taps the sy in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

It is one of the best language proficiency assessments to fulfil the admission requirements for international applicants to many universities worldwide. DET is known for its flexibility, easy accessibility, and low test fee.

Many Universities in Canada, Ireland offer Duolingo English Test for International students.

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Easy Accessibility

To book or to take this test, you need not visit any test centres. You need not book your appointment too. You can do everything online.

DUOLINGO uses technology accessible to students worldwide. It has a different approach to testing as you can stay home and take up the test from your own computer.

Affordable Test Fee

The test fee is very low compared to other English Proficiency tests. It is only $49Affordable Test Fee:

The test fee is very low compared to other English Proficiency tests. It is only $49

Test Format

The duration of the test is only 60 minutes. The first 5 minutes will be an introduction on test rules and requirements, the next 45 minutes will be for an adaptive test which evaluates reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

The last 10 minutes will be for video interview that records answers to open-ended questions


It evaluates the English language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. It integrates a proficiency score, video interview and writing sample.


The duration of the test is only 60 minutes whereas you can get the results in 48 hours and share it with anyone, immediately.

 Results to Unlimited Institutions

Students can send score reports to Unlimited Institutions as they want for free and No additional costs are charged.


Though you are allowed to take the test from home, Duolingo follows rigorous security protocols, individual test proctoring,

computer vision, biometrics in order to ensure the test integrity.

Test Administration

Computer adaptive tests ensure virtually unique test experience. It draws from a large pool of questions.

It is generated by language assessment experts and machine learning.

No Duplication

Questions will not be repeated. It is challenging that students can not find a single repeat in the next 1000+ test which will take 41+ years.


It assesses language ability in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, Each test taker’s proficiency is reported as a holistic score on a scale from 10 – 160. It has been categorised as Score between 10 – 55, 60-85, 90-115 and 120-160.

For Language assessment, it will check grammatical accuracy and complexity, Lexical sophistication, Accuracy, rate and acoustic.

Test Countries

DET is available in more than 170 countries in the world.


More than 1000+ Institutions accept DET in the USA, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, etc.

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