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In order to acquire a long-term work permit, one should submit application for the Single residence permit for work and residence in Slovenia, also called The Single Permit. It supports immigration of professionals to Slovenia. Although this is only one of several ways to obtain a work and residence permit, it is one of the most reliable and popular ones. It is also favorable as it provides a fallback in case the applicant’s business endures a setback and/or negative projections.

After applying for The Single Permit, The administrative unit that issues them will automatically begin the process of obtaining consent from the Employment Service of Slovenia. Foreigner or his employer have opportunity to apply for The Single Permit.

In some cases, some workers may apply for a personal work permit. It enables them to freely select employment for a certain period. Candidates should apply for single permit at an administrative unit or the diplomatic or consular office in their residential country.


  •  Valid passport (expiry date which exceeds intended period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia for at least three months).
  •  Authentic picture and fingerprints (taken at the time of application).
  •  Proof of health insurance in Slovenia (when one becomes employed on the working permit, they receive insurance – at the time of filing the application you have to be previously insured elsewhere, the quickest and cheapest solution is to have a tourist insurance).
  •  A non-conviction certificate (not older than 3 months from domestic country), translated into Slovenian, verified.
  •  The bank account statement showing you have means for supporting yourself (applicable only for the first time, in the minimum amount of Slovenia’s minimum monthly income – 550.00 EUR).
  •  Sometimes a foreign worker is invited for an interview.

Application Process

One of the advantages of doing business in Slovenia is that foreign employees need only one permit to live and work in the country. As a result, the application process is relatively streamlined and simple.

A Slovenian work and residence permit can be obtained by the employer in Slovenia or by the foreign employee. The same documents are required either way, but the employer would apply from within Slovenia, whereas the employee would begin the application process at the Slovenian embassy or consulate in their country of residence.

Slovenian work permits are issued conditionally based on employment, so it’s important to have an employment contract in place before beginning the application process.

Other Important Considerations

As Slovenia is a member of the European Union (EU), the laws and regulations surrounding the need for a work permit do not apply to citizens of other EU member states who plan to work in Slovenia. Even so, EU citizens will still need to apply for a residence permit if they hope to live and work in Slovenia for longer than a three month period.

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